It: Chapter 2 – Pennywise “I Heart Derry” Q-Fig


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He knows what you’re afraid of. He’s every nightmare you’ve ever had. And now he’s the most frightening Q-Fig we’ve ever created.

Meticulously designed to recreate the most chilling features of the ancient evil known as “IT”, Pennywise The Dancing Clown offers a bright red balloon to anyone foolish enough to join him. The sculpted base features a watery scene with poor Georgie’s boat floating nearby. Pennywise’s clown costume and make-up are captured in stunning detail, and his toothsome grin is certain to haunt your collection for years to come.

Pennywise stands approximately 6 inches tall including the dioramic base. Join the Losers Club and add Pennywise to your collection today. We all float down here.

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 18 cm
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